Professional Film Production


Mili Film as a film production company founded in Taipei in 2000.

Producing TV programs, online commercials,

short films, documentary films and co-production films.

Mili film Shanghai is founded in 2007.



2013 AWARD

CCTV | Come back Home

Effie China Awards | Silver Award

ADFEST Asia Pacific Advertising Festival | Silver Award

Chinese Element|Best of the Show

Spikes Asia|Silver Award / Bronze Award

China 4A|Best of the Show / Gold Award Best Director-China Advertising Awards

Best Cinematography-China Advertising AwardsCCTV|Awards Best Film

/ Best Director / Best Cinematography

TAIWAN Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards|Gold Award

China Advertising Awards|Gold Award / Silver Award

Hongkong LongXi Awards|Gold Award ROI Festival|Best of the Show / Gold Award

KAMA | My Life

ROI Festival|Best of the Show

2014 AWARD

Yili | Winter Olympics Applause For Dream

ROI Festival| Creative Award

2015 AWARD

HUAWEI | TCL 750 Just like summer

ROI Festival| Business Creative Award

2016 AWARD

NEW BALANCE 110th year anniversary

One Show | Silver Pencil/ Bronze Pencil 2

LongXi | Broadcast award/ Film ad Golden award

4A award | Best copy film silver/ Best long commercial bronze

ROI Festival | Creative award/ Media gold award/production bronze award

I DO | anniversary series

The Great Wall Awards | Film Gold award

China 4A | Best of the Show / TV gold award

One Show | 1 Silver Pencil/ 2 Bronze Pencil

Moji Weather | Weather changes destiny

The Great Wall Awards

2017 AWARD

Tmall | H5

The Great Wall Awards

China 4A

MACALLINE | Better Life

Golden Lion Award | Best edit

shortlisted/ Best director

China 4A | Shortlisted


Golden Lion Award | Best Cinematography

2018 AWARD


Golden Lion Award | Best Commercial film shortlisted


Golden Lion Award | Best edited shortlisted/Best production shortlisted

ACURA NSX | Beginnings

Golden Lion Award | Best Cinematography/Best edit shortlisted